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The profile of application of an irrigation-pump-unit is mostly dictated by the farmer. A long lifetime is required (1,000 operating hours a year are not seldom) and features like operational reliability, simple handling, small service input and low fuel-consumption are basic requirements. 

The HÜDIG irrigation-pump-unit is based on a tank chassis frame. The volume of the fuel-tank is 500 l or alternatively 985 l. The internal of the engine-compartment is an oil-pan. The aggregates are delivered with a lockable noise protection hood. To secure a safe placement the unit is equipped with a rear support leg and additionally with an adjustable support wheel in the front (with spindle adjustment). The doors of the canopy are dimensioned generously and lockable. The removable tow-bar is equipped with a DIN tow-eye. For the bleeding of the water pump a semi-automatic pump venting is used. The engine-control allows the possibility for an engine-stop with the high- or low-pressure switch and allows an engine-stop with a time control switch as well. Further information like operation hours, daily running hours, rest running time, operational pressure, rpm and service can be controlled, too. The suction connection is shaped like a gooseneck and is equipped with a vacuum meter. The pressure connection has a gate-valve. At the right side of the unit are brackets which allow the safe transport of hoses. 

Irrigation-Pump-Unit Product-Range

Diesel- Irrigation-Pump-Units

Only Diesel-engines from considerable manufacturer are used as drive-unit. The selection of the multistage non-priming centrifugal-pump is ruled by quality, efficiency and spare-part availability.

It is safe to say that HÜDIG is a good choice.


Technical data
Fuel tank volume 500 l
Pump seven-stage centrifugal pump
Weight 1802 kg
Technical data sheet
HC910_541_14_e.pdf (137.3 KiB)


Technical data
Fuel tank volume 985 l
Pump seven-stage centrifugal pump
Weight 1827 kg
Technical data sheet
HC910_541_24_e.pdf (137.7 KiB)


Technical data
Fuel tank volume 985 l
Pump three-stage pump
Weight 1827 kg
Technical data sheet
HC910_503_87_e.pdf (137.3 KiB)


Technical data
Fuel tank volume 500 l
Pump three-stage pumpe
Weight 1737 kg
Technical data sheet
HC910_503_86_e.pdf (133.6 KiB)


The standard-version of the HÜDIG irrigation-pump-unit is available as noise-reduced (LWA 86 dB) type.

All versions are mounted on a fuel-tank frame-chassis. The tank-frame is equipped with a sump- and bleeder-plug as well as a lockable tank cap. 

The range of delivery includes:

  • Removable tow-bar with DIN tow-eye
  • Front support wheel
  • Rear adjustable support leg
  • Oil-pan
  • Steel mash guard with roof or sound-proof canopy
  • Battery 12 V/ 88Ah
  • Semi automatic Pump venting
  • Suction- and pressure-manometer
  • Switch-board


A special recommendation is the HÜDIG-pump-unit comfort-operating-control. Besides the standardized safety-functions like

  • OIL-pressure-control
  • Coolant-Control      

the HÜDIG-Diesel-pump-unit control-device disposes:

  • High- and low-pressure switch
  • Engine hour meter
  • Day hour meter and remaining time control
  • Service-period-control
  • Operation-hour programming
  • Start-retarding
  • Rpm-Control
  • Battery-charging-control
Pump-Units with Generator-Sets

Iristep 40

Technical data
Fuel tank volume 310 l
Generator 40 kVA
Pump 4-stage centrifugal pump
Data sheet download
IRISTEP_40-E.pdf (150.0 KiB)

Agrostep 60

Technical data
Fuel tank volume 500 l
Generator 60 kVA
Pump 4-stage centrifugal pump
Data sheet download
AGROSTEP_60-E.pdf (462.3 KiB)