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In times of increasing energy costs, it is of particular importance to use vacuum-assisted pumps for groundwater lowering, above all efficiently. The interaction of the drive unit (diesel/electric), water pump and vacuum pump can be optimally adapted to the respective conditions. We often observe that...



One of the most irrigation-intensive crops is probably corn, but corn does not respond to water shortages in the same way in all stages...



In the port of Hamburg, a large amount of water had to be pumped from the Elbe within a very short time to compensate for the ballast of several floating pontoons. In addition to the large volume of water, the water was contaminated with long-fibre solids, sludge and other abrasive components. For these reasons, a unit with high pumping capacity and special wear-resistant properties was required.



The need for more efficient irrigation

“When will we have a real summer again?” asked Rudi Carrel in his hit classic from 1975.  The years 2018 and 2019 certainly let everyone feel the summer.  Peak temperatures of over 40°Celcius and long periods of drought, however, caused considerable problems for agriculture.  In particular, irrigation-intensive crops such as potatoes and feed maize suffered from the extreme weather conditions. Agricultural businesses that otherwise irrigated little or not at all suddenly had to deal intensively with this topic.



In principle, soil compaction means the application of a high load, which in turn leads to deformation and thus to a change in the three-phase soil system. This principle is used by many civil engineering companies to consolidate the subsoil.